Sports Fields

Line Planting

We offer line planting for large areas such as; parks, ovals or sports fields.  Our machine is designed to perfectly line plant into cultivated or poisoned surfaces using turf rolls or sprigs. Please give us a call, tell us the size of the area and we can offer you an individualized quote.


Aggravating the service of the ground promotes growth through allowing more oxygen and organic material to reach the turf roots.

Soil reliever which is when larger, deeper tynes are used on the machine, allow for a more robust impact to the soil which results in healthier and more vibrant lawn or oval.

Top Dressing

Top dressing brings many benefits to a lawn or oval that is looking like it’s underperforming, including helping to reduce the accumulation of dead grass clippings and stems, known as ‘thatch’. It helps to increase nutrient retention, improves drainage and increases disease and pest resistance. This is a common practice for sporting ovals to undertake during the off season.


Scarifying assists in the removal of the thatch layer that sits just under the surface of turf. The removal of this layer generates new growth and removes a spongy feeling under foot. Scarifying will drastically improve the health of your sports oval whilst simultaneously improving its overall appearance.