Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to get my lawn from Tarcoola Turf?

We pride ourselves in supplying fresh top quality turf, straight from the farm to you. We have been growing turf in the Riverina for over 20 years and have no minimum order; no job is too big or too small.

What is the best turf for me?

Choosing the variety of turf that is best for you depends on a few factors such the conditions of the area you are laying turf in, any shade in the area, what the area is used for.

What fertiliser should I be using and how often should I fertilise my lawn?

We recommend the use of balanced slow release fertilisers.

These can be purchased at Tarcoola Turf.

Times to fertilise are:

Beginning of spring – 2.5kg / 100m2

Summer – 2.5kg / 100m2

Beginning & Mid Autumn – 2.5kg / 100m2 (In heavily frosted areas)

How should I water my turf after it has been laid?

A heavy watering should commence no later than 30minutes after the first roll has been laid to avoid drying out. The contact point between soil and turf MUST BE KEPT MOIST in the initial establishment; approx. 2 weeks. Thereafter a normal moist watering schedule should be put in place.

How should I water my established turf?

The most common mistake is to water turf too little too often, which trains the plant to develop a shallow root system. Vary watering to meet the demands of excess heat and dryness according to the season. Give the lawn a good soaking then be prepared to lose a little of the lawn appearance. This will toughen the lawn, forcing a deeper root system establishment; making it more durable in drought and helping you conserve water.

Is there a completely drought tolerant lawn?

There is no completely drought tolerant lawn but Tarcoola Turf is dedicated to growing acclimatized & drought tolerant varieties of turf that are suited to the Riverina and upper Victoria climate.

What varieties offer the best winter colour?

Our Kenda Kikuyu offers a superior winter colour as well as remaining drought tolerant during dry periods. Prestige Buffalo is also a high performing turf that maintains a solid green pigment during the cooler months.

Can you lay my turf for me?

Unfortunately on most occasions we can not. However, we can put you in touch with some people that can. Please call our office for more information.

How soon can I get my turf?

We pride ourselves in supplying fresh turf. Our turf is cut to order and can be delivered to you within 24 hours of ordering in the local area.

Do you deliver your turf?

We do daily deliveries in the Wagga area and weekly deliveries to the Albury/ Wodonga area, for delivery outside these areas contact the office and speak to one of our friendly staff members.

What type of week killer do you recommend?

Depending on what variety of turf you have and what type of weed you want to get rid of, we recommend you phone our friendly staff so they can assist you in finding a suitable product.

At what level do I need to have my soil so my lawn sits level with pathways and edging?

We recommend that your soil be approximately 25mm below existing driveways and pathways so when your turf is laid it will be level.

How do I remove existing lawn?

If you have existing irrigations systems we recommend you contact the office.

If the existing lawn is a kikuyu or couch variety spray the area with a glyphosphate type chemical such as roundup. Leave the area for two weeks and repeat the application to ensure all grass and weeds have been killed.

Remove dead grass and roots at an approximate depth of 50mm and replace with a clean soil such as a sandy loam.

Re-level the area; the soil should be approximately 25mm below driveways and pathways.

Spread fertiliser (which can be purchased at Tarcoola Turf) and lightly water the area.

What height should I mow my lawn?

The basic rule is never to remove more than one third of the leaf. Set your mower height and mow lawns at regular intervals according to growth. Should Kikuyu grass become too spongy the best time to de-thatch is late August / early September. Lower your mower height and remove dry material – this may require more than one time. For best appearance be sure to keep mower blades sharp. Once lawn is de-thatched add a good fertilizer and water in well.

It’s the middle of summer and my lawn is brown, what do I do?

Brown lawns indicate a lack of water and nutrients. We recommend increasing water application and adjusting watering times to reduce evaporation. Applying a fertiliser will also help give the lawn more nutrients.

How do I keep my lawn looking healthy while complying with watering restrictions?

Laying a lawn on a surface that provides maximum water retention for root zones is one of the best ways to cope with increasing water restrictions.

To maximise water efficiency and reduce evaporation we recommend utilising water restriction time zones.