Kikuyu / Rye

Kikuyu / Rye

 * * * *   Wearability
 * * * *   Water Usage
 * * * *   Frost Tolerance
 * * * *   Winter Colour
 * *       Shade Tolerance

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Kikuyu/Rye is Kikuyu oversown with a high quality turf Ryegrass to give an all-round green appearance for winter colour.

It has become popular in recent times as installation can be carried out in the cooler winter months. This variety combines the best aspects of both Kikuyu and Rye - the hardiness and all-year-round good looks.

Kikuyu is ideal if you have high traffic or digging dogs and repairs itself very quickly.

It is a creeping lawn which is fast growing, but you need to keep it under control.

On its own, Kikuyu goes dormant over winter and has a yellow appearance but with the addition of Rye your lawn will retain its attractive green appearance.

The turf will provide good winter colour and wear.